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Dating Culture and Relationships

Dating Culture and Relationships: The necessity of prioritizing your health and wellbeing Every woman deserves to be in a relationship that is conducive to her mental and physical health. The dating culture is not what it used to be, and many of us know of, or have experienced, the feeling of being used in a


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Pregnancy Testing: Tips and Tricks

Worried you might be pregnant? Not sure where to start with pregnancy testing? Use this handy guide to help you out. When: If you track your cycle, don’t test until your period is supposed to start (about two weeks after ovulation). Testing too early doesn’t give HCG, the pregnancy hormone, enough time to build up

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4 Essential Health Goals to Set for the New Year

2023 is here! Kick the year off right by taking care of your mental, emotional, and physical health. Here are 4 things you can do: Smile: Smiling is scientifically proven to boost your happiness. According to research “The mere act of smiling reduces blood pressure, lowers stress hormones, and boosts your mood; a British study

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Surprised by a Positive Pregnancy Test? 5 Steps to Take

Whether you’re certain about parenting, scheduling an abortion, or just are not sure, these first steps will help you get it figured out.

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Do You Need a “Missed Period Pill?” – Your Guide to the Abortion Pill and the Morning After Pill

Your period is late. You’re a little worried about being pregnant but aren’t thinking too much about it. But soon enough, you see an advertisement for a “missed period pill.” What is it, and do you need one? Use this handy guide to tell the difference between the morning after pill, the abortion pill, and

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abortion pill reversal

Video – You Still Have a Choice

Have you taken the first abortion pill? Are you experiencing second thoughts? Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline right away. There could still be time to change your mind. 877-558-0333. You can also visit to learn more or to chat. If you have any questions about the abortion pill process, contact us! We can

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6 Questions About the Abortion Pill – Answered

What is the abortion pill? The “Abortion Pill” is actually a series of pills. Typically, the first set of pills is taken at a doctor’s office. This first pill blocks the progesterone needed to sustain life, causing the death of the fetus. The second pill is taken at home 24 hours later. It works by

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