Front Royal Pregnancy Center

A non-profit medical clinic dedicated to helping women who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies 

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Front Royal Pregnancy Center

Are you wondering if you are really pregnant? Are you anxious about what to do next? An unplanned or unexpected pregnancy is challenging. You may be feeling overwhelmed but we can help you find answers to your questions about all your options. One of our caring counselors can walk you through all the information you need to make a truly informed decision.

If you have questions about pregnancy, your rights as a pregnant teen, abortion procedures, adoption, parenting, or sexually transmitted infections, we are here for you!

We offer ultrasound at no cost by a qualified medical professional to ensure that you receive all the assistance you need before you make a decision. Click here to learn more about the information an ultrasound exam will provide for you

We are here to listen to your concerns. All of our services are confidential and free of charge. Our services are available regardless of income, race, religion, county of residence, or residence status.

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The realization that you will be a parent can be overwhelming.  You may have many questions or maybe the thought of parenting seems impossible to you at this time.

Our clients have questions like: “My partner doesn’t want the baby but I do.” or “I can’t tell my family…”

We can help you work through your options and create a plan.  If parenting is your choice, we can provide material assistance and connections to additional resources!


If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy under difficult circumstances, you may be considering abortion. Before you make your decision, we are here to ensure that you have all the information you need.

We can help you talk through your needs and options. It is important to be informed on all potential risks and side effects before undergoing any medical procedure. Here at the FRPC, we have up-to-date information on procedures, risks, and alternatives. We want to be here for you during this challenging time.

We can educate you on abortion, but we do not perform or refer for abortion. We do not profit from your decision.


If you feel that you are not ready to be a parent, we can help you work through your adoption options. We’ll help you choose an agency that is the right fit for you and can help you make decisions along the way. The degree of connection that you have to the adoptive family and what you want in an adoptive family is up to you.

Let us support you as you determine what is best for your situation!

Ultrasound Exams

We offer no cost ultrasound exams to provide you with medically-accurate information about your pregnancy.  The ultrasound will increase your knowledge about your pregnancy and aid you in decision making.

During an ultrasound, we can confirm whether there is a heartbeat. Since early miscarriage is common, this knowledge will inform your decision.  The board certified MD, who reads the scans, will also determine gestational age (how far along you are in the pregnancy).

An ultrasound is used to determine whether the pregnancy is located in the uterus. If the pregnancy is not in the uterus it can present very serious medical issues for the woman.

All of this information is vital to an informed choice.  The Front Royal Pregnancy Center performs ultrasounds at no cost, and is completely confidential.  Our registered nurses are trained by ultrasonographers according to AIUM and AWHONN guidelines.


“I wish I could have all my ultrasounds with you guys.”
“Thank you guys for staying past your normal hours. You like what you do and it shows.”
“This is a nicer set up than at the hospital.” Regarding the ultrasound room
To the nurse, “You tell us more than the medical Corpsman.”
“They want to help.” 
“… Coming to FRPC took a lot of the stress out of our early weeks. My OB was also impressed with the care and efficiency that they demonstrated before we got to her. They gave me valuable info and even gave me pre-natals until I could get the doctor.”
“This was new for me, and I was glad to have someone to talk to.”
“Whenever I hit a tight spot, they were there for me.”
After ultrasound and help finding a doctor “I wish I could have all my ultrasounds with you guys.”
“The nurses said I was a pro at breastfeeding, and it was from the lessons.”
“I appreciate picking out pictures after the ultrasound.”
After lessons, “I cried when I put together the angelic white crib. It helps more than you know.”