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Positive Relationships Example of Man and Woman

Dating Culture and Relationships

Dating Culture and Relationships: The necessity of prioritizing your health and wellbeing

Every woman deserves to be in a relationship that is conducive to her mental and physical health.

The dating culture is not what it used to be, and many of us know of, or have experienced, the feeling of being used in a relationship. No one should ever use or be used by another, but we have to face reality – people are capable of doing bad things to one another. These actions leave wounds, anxiety, and trauma behind them. In many cases, these experiences can also impact our mental and physical health. Women deserve to be loved and cared for by their partner. Here are some considerations we want to offer for women thinking through relationships.

Mental Health in relationships

We all desire a stable and loving relationship with our partner. A relationship between two people should involve both parties building one another up.  Couples should be willing to help each other and work together to build a life and a home. However, many of us have experienced relationships that were in some way unhealthy or abusive, where we experienced neglect, psychological or verbal abuse, physical abuse, or even domestic or sexual abuse. Sometimes, it takes us a long time to even recognize that we are in an abusive situation. Women can evaluate the mental health coming from their relationship with this person by asking themselves these questions:

Does this person:

  • Respect or disregard your opinion, interests, and boundaries?
  • Build you up, or attack your self-worth through their words and actions?
  • Commit to you and the relationship, or still on dating apps/seeing other people?
  • Make healthy life choices and lead a good lifestyle?
  • Pressure you to do things or isolate you from people?
  • Make you a better person or weigh you down?

It is important to know that these situations have a heavy toll on our mental health. Women can experience anxiety, fear, depression, resentment, negative self-image, and more by being with a partner that tears them down through their words and actions. You deserve to be with someone who cares for you and works with you on building a good relationship.

work towards good relationships

If you are struggling in your relationship, you should talk to someone. It is very hard for anyone to face these situations alone – that’s why we are here.  Remember, if you are suffering from sexual or domestic abuse call your local police for help.  The police are always your first contact in situations where you are in danger.  But if you want someone to walk through considerations about your relationship with you, help you think through questions about the health of your relationship, or just listen to your story, we are here for you.  At the Front Royal Pregnancy Center, we want to support you and empower you with key information and resources to help you thrive.

Schedule a visit with us today to speak with one of our trained staff or nurses, and to find resources that are available for your situation. You are not alone, and you deserve to be loved by those who truly see who you are and want to care for you.

By Michelle Kelly

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