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Parenting Classes

Worried about some of the more technical aspects of parenting? We have you covered! Our Earn While You Learn Program has customizable, flexible lessons that allow you to increase your parenting confidence. You can learn about everything from breastfeeding to infant sleep, and toddler tantrums! Visit our Material Assistance page to learn more.

Financial Preparation & Material Support

We are also available to help you navigate challenging financial situations. At the FRPC, we believe in supporting our moms not only though pregnancy, but throughout the first years of your baby’s life. We can help provide baby clothes, diapers, formula, and more.

For any needs you may have that we are not able to meet directly, we can refer you to local resources that can help you further. Finally, if you have questions about preparing financially for your baby, we can work with you to establish a plan. We even have lots of seasoned mothers who can advise you on what baby items are really helpful and necessary, and which you can skip. Our goal is to help you reduce financial stress so you can focus on raising a happy, healthy family.

After-Abortion Support

The decision to have an abortion often takes place under pressure from a number of people or circumstances. After an abortion, a woman may initially feel relieved, but many women then begin to experience problems. Whatever the role you played in the abortion decision, you may experience symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder, including:

  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Difficulty bonding with your partner or children

It is normal to grieve, as a serious loss has occurred. However, healing and restoration occurs best in the context of a supportive and confidential environment. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or for more information. Support for women is available in a one on one conversation. All calls are confidential.

Additional Resources:

Abortion Recovery — resources/ Care directory / message boards / confidential support by email
Rachel’s Vineyard — Confidential Retreats
Hope After Abortion — 888-456-HOPE (888-456-4673) Project Rachel

Additional Support

Have other concerns about parenting? Our staff is waiting and ready with a listening ear. Come by the FRPC and we can help you talk through your worries or ideas. As always, you may stop by during operating hours.

You are also welcome to make an appointment to ensure we have a staff member ready and available to serve you right away!

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