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Pregnancy Testing: Tips and Tricks

Worried you might be pregnant? Not sure where to start with pregnancy testing? Use this handy guide to help you out.


If you track your cycle, don’t test until your period is supposed to start (about two weeks after ovulation). Testing too early doesn’t give HCG, the pregnancy hormone, enough time to build up in your body.

Be aware, your period can be late for many reasons, so if you still don’t have your period after about a week, you can retest.

If you’re not tracking, wait at least 14 days since the day you think you became pregnant.


It’s always best to test first thing in the morning, before drinking any water or having your morning coffee. This will ensure that your hormones are at their most concentrated. If this isn’t possible, test after waiting 4 hours without drinking any water or going to the bathroom.

Make sure to follow the directions for the specific pregnancy test you’re using.

Still Not Sure?:

Come to the FRPC for a free, lab quality pregnancy test. You can consult with a nurse about any concerns you have.


A great next step is a follow-up with the Front Royal Pregnancy Center. You can consult with a nurse and talk about your options. Plus, we can get you on the schedule for an ultrasound, which will give you more information.


If you’re worried about a false negative, you can come to the FRPC for a retest and a consultation. You can also see your doctor with any concerns.

Your wellness is our priority, and we’re here to make sure you have the answers you need.

Here for You:

As always, we’re here to help. If you have any more questions about pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, or any of our other services, call or make your appointment online today.

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