Free Ultrasound Exams

The Front Royal Pregnancy Center provides ultrasound exams to confirm the presence of a viable pregnancy.

Our doctor reading the scans looks for three things:

  1. Presence of a heartbeat. Since early miscarriage is common, confirming viability helps inform future decisions or indicate whether a decision still needs to be made.
  2. Location of the pregnancy. Most pregnancies are located in the uterus. An extra-uterine pregnancy (located outside the uterus or in the fallopian tubes) can pose serious health concerns for the mother and should be identified as soon as possible.
  3. Gestational age. An ultrasound is the best way to determine the age of the pregnancy.  How many weeks pregnant you are will affect your decision for prenatal care, if you are planning to carry to term, and will affect your available abortion options, if you are considering an abortion.

Our ultrasound exams are provided at no cost and are completely confidential.  All exams are performed by nurses trained in limited ultrasound and are read by a licensed physician.

The Front Royal Pregnancy Center does not perform gender determination ultrasounds.

Some restrictions apply.

To learn more about what a typical ultrasound appointment is like, read What to Expect: Your Consultation and Ultrasound at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center.

As always, contact us with questions or make an appointment today!

What to Expect:

We want our clients to have the best experience possible, which is why we take the time to meet with a woman first to discuss her expectations, eligibility, and concerns, before scheduling an ultrasound. This first appointment can either be scheduled via phone or online form, or you can come in during business hours to get started. 

After a pregnancy test and medical consultation, our staff will schedule an ultrasound appointment with our nurse. At your appointment, you are welcome to bring the father of the baby, family members, or friends. On our large monitor, you will see everything the nurse sees so you can get as much information as possible about your pregnancy. 

The nurse’s report and images are immediately sent to our medical director (a board-certified OB-GYN.) After the doctor reads the scans (usually within 2 weeks), you can pick up your report in person or we can fax it directly to your doctor’s office. 

We are committed to providing quality, compassionate care for all of our clients. Feel free to contact us with any questions. You can also read more here about what to expect at your consultation and ultrasound at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center. 

Ultrasound Nurse