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Surprised by a Positive Pregnancy Test? 5 Steps to Take

Whether you’re certain about parenting, scheduling an abortion, or just are not sure, these first steps will help you get it figured out.
  1. Take a Breath (And Grab a Treat)
    An unexpected pregnancy can be stressful. Don’t worry yourself to death. Take a breath and try to relax. Decision making in a rush or in a stressed state is never easy. Grab your favorite coffee, light a candle, and treat yourself to a little “me-time.”
  2. Talk It Out
    A lot of women keep their unexpected pregnancies a secret. But finding someone you can trust and talk to will help you mentally and emotionally. It’s a tough journey to go through alone – you’ll be grateful for support. Know that you are always welcome at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center. The staff is trained to offer a listening ear and allow you to process your thoughts and emotions in a safe, private space.
  3. Get Medical Confirmation of Pregnancy
    Your positive home pregnancy test is a good first step. You can now get a medical confirmation at your doctor’s office or a free clinic. This can help with medical questions, insurance issues, and beginning to build a support network. You can make an appointment at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center for a no-cost pregnancy confirmation package.
  4. Schedule an Ultrasound
    Whether you’re planning on parenting or even if you already have an abortion scheduled, an ultrasound can give you valuable medical information. You’ll discover exactly how far along you are, rule out ectopic pregnancy, and check for viability. You’ll also have an opportunity to consult with a nurse about next steps, questions, and options. The pregnancy confirmation package at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center includes an ultrasound, so you can have peace of mind and all the information you need.
  5. Know That You Are Not Alone
    Unexpected pregnancies can be scary, especially if you don’t know who you can trust. Many women feel alone in this situation, which is why the Front Royal Pregnancy Center is here for you. Visit the Front Royal Pregnancy Center for kind, compassionate support from an all-woman staff that cares about YOU. Schedule your appointment today. We are here to help.

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