The Coffee Walk:

An easy + enjoyable mental health reset!

All these “New Year, New Me” resolutions can feel overwhelming! How about a simple addition to your daily or weekly routine that will get you outside, refreshed, and relaxed?

Enter: The Coffee Walk.

If you’ve never heard of it, the coffee walk entails setting aside time in your day for – you guessed it –  a walk and a coffee. It can look like walking down the street for your favorite latte and completing a few laps around the block. Or, you can brew a fresh pot at home, put it in your favorite mug, and take a stroll. You could even take your walk first and reward yourself with a hot coffee when you’re done!

Here’s how it helps:

  • It gets you outside, which is shown to have innumerable mental and physical health benefits: mood, energy, stress relief, and so much more!
  • It gets you moving – just the act of walking is also proven to  improve your overall health. It can even help improve your sleep and your immune system.
  • It’s enjoyable – a coffee walk is something you’ll look forward to every day, so it will be easy to keep up with. The little coffee treat is key in keeping yourself motivated. If you’re pregnant, sensitive to caffeine, or just not a coffee lover, you can try hot cocoa or tea.
  • It’s achievable: because it’s such a flexible activity, you’ll be able to fit it right into your daily routine- it can be adjusted to fit your lifestyle! You can push a stroller, bring a friend, or listen to your favorite podcast.

Just adding one achievable, healthy activity to your day or your week can help set you up for success in other areas of your life. Try it out and let us know what you think!