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Challenge for the Guys: Approaching the Challenge of Pregnancy

Approaching the Challenge of Pregnancy Are you in a relationship where your significant other has learned that she is expecting your first child or her first pregnancy? You may be feeling as if there is nothing you can do to be there for her. Maybe you feel like you cannot fully commit yourself in the


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Ectopic Pregnancy – What you need to know

Before taking any action surrounding your pregnancy, you need to be aware of the risk of an ectopic pregnancy for your health Maybe you just got a positive pregnancy test, and are considering a medical abortion. How does this information relate to you and your situation? We want to equip you with accurate medical information

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How to Talk to Your Partner about an Unexpected Pregnancy

One of the first questions that pop into your mind when staring at a pregnancy test is, “how will I tell my partner?” Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, an ex, or someone else, it can be nerve-wracking to start the conversation. Here are a few tips that can help you get started! Plan Ahead –

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Pregnancy Testing: Tips and Tricks

Worried you might be pregnant? Not sure where to start with pregnancy testing? Use this handy guide to help you out. When: If you track your cycle, don’t test until your period is supposed to start (about two weeks after ovulation). Testing too early doesn’t give HCG, the pregnancy hormone, enough time to build up

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Surprised by a Positive Pregnancy Test? 5 Steps to Take

Whether you’re certain about parenting, scheduling an abortion, or just are not sure, these first steps will help you get it figured out.

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