The Biden administration recently announced that the abortion pill will be made available to women without an in-person visit to her doctor. While this is publicized as a way to “increase access” to the pill, it will greatly increase risk to women who take it.

For years, the abortion pill regimen has been subject to strict safety guidelines, primarily due to the fact that the drug places the woman at risk for bacterial infections, sepsis, hemorrhage, and even death. In an effort to save women who experience these side effects, the FDA had required that the pill be administered by a physician. (Live Action provides more information on the risks and history.)

Until now, the doctor administering the pill first had to determine the gestational age, confirm the location of the pregnancy, and have access to emergency care. Although these requirements cannot make the regimen safe, they can, at the very least, help treat a woman who is in danger from the side effects of the pill.
Allowing the abortion pill regimen without medical oversight does no favors for women. In fact, it introduces a new type of “back alley” abortion which will put women at risk every day.

Despite the injustice being done to women through this new development, there is hope.

If you or someone you know needs more information before making a decision regarding the abortion pill, we can provide information and assistance.

Additionally, if you or someone you know has taken the abortion pill and are having second thoughts, call this number immediately: 1-877-558-0333. Abortion pill reversal is possible.

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