One of the most well-loved services of the Front Royal Pregnancy Center is the material assistance program, which provides diapers, formula, and baby clothes to moms who need a little extra help. It’s an amazing experience for these mothers when they walk through the doors and find out that the FRPC has so much more to offer. Women and families benefit from a whole range of services – we really are here to help!

1. Medical Services –  Finding out you’re pregnant can be scary, and we are here for you. We can perform an ultrasound to determine the details – are you really pregnant? How far along are you? Is the pregnancy located in the uterus? We can also help refer you to a doctor with good patient reviews and history.

2. Support for the Journey – Our clients face all kinds of unique challenges, but we are always waiting with a listening ear. Sometimes, just talking through your problems can go a long way, especially with a cup of coffee and someone who really cares.

3. Non-Biased Information: Considering your pregnancy options is hard, especially when you don’t know what information you can trust. Because we are supported entirely by donors, the Front Royal Pregnancy Center does not profit from any decisions you make. We are here to provide full, reliable, medically accurate information about all your options so you can make a confident, informed decision without pressure.

4. Education Opportunities –  Healthy Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, and Parenting are all topics that every mom, new or seasoned, have questions about! The FRPC has a program that enables you to take lessons personalized to YOUR interests and concerns. As a bonus, you can earn items for your baby by participating! We also have seasoned mothers and nurses on staff to help answer any questions you may have.

5. Resource Referrals – Have questions about housing, schools, or other services you need to help you and your family thrive? The FRPC is connected with many local nonprofits and can help you find the resources you need.

It’s more than just diapers. The FRPC is committed to providing the care you need. Remember – we are here to help. If you or someone you know is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, call us today, or make an appointment.

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