Pre-Abortion Consultations

Get all the info you need on the abortion pill and abortion procedures and talk to a nurse about your options.

The FRPC provides free pre-abortion consultations, but does not provide or refer for abortions.


Abortion and Your Options

The considerations, precautions and cost of abortion options depend on multiple factors, including how far along you are, pregnancy viability, and potential risks and complications due to your health history and current health assessment.

Whether you are considering scheduling an abortion at a facility, already have an abortion scheduled, or have ordered the abortion pills by mail, this medical review is essential.

You are not alone in this decision. Get the care you need in a pressure-free, private, and professional environment.


What to Expect

A Pre-Abortion Consultation Package Includes:

  • Initial intake visit to confirm pregnancy, review medical history, discuss concerns & options, and meet your care team.
  • Ultrasound appointment. The ultrasound provides information about the location, gestational age, and viability of the pregnancy. Your ultrasound images will be reviewed by an M.D. and compiled into a report that you can use to make your decision. You will have as much time as you need to ask a nurse about any concerns you have.
  • Additional support is available at no cost. You may return for additional information, options counseling, medical questions, and more.

Pre- Abortion Consultations are free – your access to health information is important to the FRPC and we are here to provide this service at no cost to you.


Your Next Step

An informed decision is an empowered decision. Schedule your appointment today for a free consultation, pregnancy confirmation, abortion information, and more.