About Us

We believe that every woman facing an unexpected pregnancy deserves to have complete, medically accurate, objective information on all options.

The Front Royal Pregnancy Center, a non-profit medical clinic, has been offering free and confidential services to those facing an unexpected pregnancy for over 25 years.  We have helped thousands of women from our county, surrounding counties, Virginia, and some from Maryland and DC.

Our clients feel comfortable recommending us to their friends, because they know that every person who comes will be treated with compassion and respect.  We take delight in the unique resilience of our clients.

Our Medical Director is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist who oversees our Nurse Manager, who is trained in doing pregnancy confirmation ultrasounds according to AWHONN, ACOG and AIUM guidelines. 

Our Nurse Manager meets with each woman before her ultrasound and answers any questions she might have.  Our staff and volunteers are committed to providing a safe environment in which to explore a client’s options and the resources and referrals that make options more possible.  Our pregnancy counselors are volunteers specially trained in this capacity. 

We offer peer counseling, a medical-quality urine pregnancy test, and a confidential consultation with a nurse before the pregnancy confirmation ultrasound.  For those who continue with their pregnancy, we provide individual lessons throughout pregnancy, and support through pregnancy and beyond.

We are strong advocates for women to have informed consent before they make a pregnancy decision.  We inform and you decide.

Ultrasound is an important part of informed consent, because it answers the questions “Am I really pregnant? How far along am I? Is there a heartbeat?” Give us a call, or schedule an appointment.

What makes us different?

We are committed to caring for you from the moment you call or walk in.  We are committed to confidentiality, to kindness and compassion.  We know that trust is earned one woman at a time.

We take the time to hear your concerns, to address them and to provide emotional support.  We are client focused.  We do not answer to insurance companies or any vested interest.

We provide research based information and help locate community resources.

We are able to provide all our services, including maternity clothes and children’s clothing to age two at no cost thanks to our generous donors. Our local community believes in what we do and provides many items for our clients.

We see people thrive despite challenges, and we are inspired by our clients.  Please come see us.  Together we can help you work out the details of your plan for your unexpected pregnancy.

We look forward to serving you.