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Challenge for the Guys: Approaching the Challenge of Pregnancy

Approaching the Challenge of Pregnancy Are you in a relationship where your significant other has learned that she is expecting your first child or her first pregnancy? You may be feeling as if there is nothing you can do to be there for her. Maybe you feel like you cannot fully commit yourself in the


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Director Kathy Clowes Receives Her Master’s Degree in Psychology

The Front Royal Pregnancy Center is proud to announce that Director Kathy Clowes received her Master’s degree in Psychology this month. For the past few years Kathy has been hard at work at the pregnancy center during the day and then taking classes at night.  She entered the program at the Institute for Psychological Sciences

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What Can An Ultrasound Tell You?

In order to empower women to make the best possible choices about their healthcare Front Royal Pregnancy Center offers free and confidential ultrasound exams for those who come in for a pregnancy test. A limited OB Ultrasound is a medical diagnostic procedure and quick and simple way to provide women with important information about their pregnancy.

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