One client to a new client

“They want to help.”

After an ultrasound

“Thank you guys for staying past your normal hours. You like what you do and it shows.”

To the nurse,

“You tell us more than the medical Corpsman.”

After ultrasound and help finding a doctor

“I wish I could have all my ultrasounds with you guys.”

“Whenever I hit a tight spot, they were there for me.”

“This was new for me, and I was glad to have someone to talk to.”

Regarding the ultrasound room,

“This is a nicer set up than at the hospital.”

“I appreciate picking out pictures after the ultrasound.”

After lessons,

“I cried when I put together the angelic white crib, it helps more than you know.”

“The nurses said I was a pro at breastfeeding, and it was from the lessons.” “… Coming to FRPC took a lot of the stress out of our early weeks. My OB was also impressed with the care and efficiency that they demonstrated before we got to her. They gave me valuable info and even gave me pre-natals until I could get the doctor.”

We are now open Monday 1-6pm, Wednesday 1-7pm and Friday 1-6pm

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